Smart Mobile Security

iSecure makes your mobile safe with smart data security with advanced malware scanning. Protect your smart phone from virus and malware. protect your privecy and save your phone from theft.

Awesome features

Protect your phone against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and online identity theft. Remotely lock or locate your phone by sounding its alarm. Erase your phone data if stolen.

  • Secret Info

    It helps you in keeping your phone information secret

  • Protection Against Virus

    It protects your phone from unwanted virus attact

  • Malware and Spyware

    The smart security system of it protects your phone from malware and spyware.

  • Anti-Theft Option

    You can know your phone location through the automatic anti-theft option in case of lost or stolen.

  • Know inserted Number

    You can know the inserted number in your phone after being lost or stolen

  • Delete Data

    You can easily delete your data after being lost or stolen.




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Pricing Plan

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365 Days
৳ 500 /=
  • Secret Info
  • Protection Against Virus
  • Malware and Spyware
  • Anti-Theft Option
  • Know inserted Number
  • Delete Data
  • Emergency Safety
  • Location Finder
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Protect against viruses & other types of malware with iSecure Mobile Security, the world’s most trusted security app for Android. Get alerted when you install spyware and adware apps that breech your privacy.

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