Smart Mobile Security

iSecure makes your mobile safe with smart data security with advanced malware scanning. Protect your smart phone from virus and malware. protect your privecy and save your phone from theft.

Awesome features Of
Security Combo Pack

  • Virus Scan

    Sacn your system, apps and files.

  • Emergency Safety

    Press power button three times to get emergency help.

  • Sim Replacement Alert

    You can easily find the new SIM number used on your stolen phone with the location.

  • Smart Siren

    Your lost phone or silent phone will be played via a message easily.

  • Prevent Switch Off

    Your lost or stolen mobile phone can not be used by any other person, you can easily disable the power button on a mobile phone.

  • Secret Snap

    Photo will be taken with hidden camera and sent to your mail when wrong pin given.

  • Location Finder

    You can know your phone location through the automatic anti-theft option in case of lost or stolen.

  • iGuard Locker

    Protect your phone with iGuard locker.

  • Motion Locker

    Protect your phone with Motion Locker.

  • Charging Security

    Locker Guard will protect your phon from theft.

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Pricing Plan

Buy iSecure mobile security with reasonable price

365 Days
৳ 500 /=
  • Instant Virus Scan
  • Smart Safety in Emergency Period
  • Sim Replacement Alert
  • Loud Siren in Phone Silent
  • Prevent Switch Off
  • Remote Phone Lock
  • F&F Location Finder
  • Secret Theft Snap
  • Anti Theft Charger Security
  • Anti Theft Headphone Security
  • Anti Theft Motion Security
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iSecure is a android mobile security apps which protect your phone from various virus and malware.It also protect yourself in emergency cases,It protect theft and so many others useful functions.

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iGuard is anti theft mobile security apps which protect your cell phone form theft.It make concern any andorid users when theft in get touch of phone.its ensure security in charging period and in head phone use period.

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