iSECURE Mobile Security

iSecure Mobile Security Android Smart Security System Which ensures the security of the data needed by your phone and also ensures your own protection.

With all the effective options of this you can prevent your phone from being unwanted or stolen unknowingly and take effective steps to get back the stolen phone.

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How To Works

Virus Scan

iSecure smart scan system automatically protects you from viruses and malware through scanning your smart phone.

Emergency Safety

Sometimes you can tell a sudden accident or accidental accident at some known place or stranger, by simply pressing your phone's power button 3 times with your location on your family or loved ones.

SIM Replacement Alert

iSecure Sim Replacement Alert will tell you as soon as a new SIM is inserted without your SIM on your phone and you will know with the current location of the SIM.

Smart Silent

Silent left the phone or inadvertency hand phone, lost phone or silent phone will help to find the phone easily.iSecure Smart Siren

Prevent Switch Off

Undoubtedly lost hands favorite phone. Or stopping your inadvertency or stopping the functionality of the phone that is hijacked, it is easy to use a message only.

Remote Lock

Going to Others Keeping your phone confidentially requires a lot of phone lock suddenly. The special phone lock system works immediately to ensure the safety of your phone in the other hand.

Phone Reset

You can delete all personal information from your stolen phone only through a message send from any other phone.

Secret Snap

If your stolen phone or locked applications are attempting to unlock you unknowingly, the Secret option will automatically capture the photo by sending it to your email.

Location Finder

The iSecure Locator Finder will let you know the location of your loved ones or let them know that your location is easily accessible. Through this, you can easily find your family or office staff or anybody's location.

Headphone Security

Listening to music on the phone In the meantime, the head phone locker to ensure the security of your phone. The phone will open in front of the headphones and you will be locked in and the phone will be locked together.

Charging Security

Favorite phone charging? Charging security to protect your phone at that time. Charging security will tell you that the phone will be locked and unlocked as soon as the phone is open from charging you will be locked.

Motion Locker

Keeping the favorite phone is necessary work. If someone puts a hand on the phone or if you want to get it unknowingly, then it will immediately begin.